Getting chm help file to open from menu

I have seen numerous examples on this and from what I can tell I am doing this right, but it is not working. I have a module which contains this code:

Sub OpenOMHelp()
App.HelpFile = App.Path & "..OMToolsHelp.chm"
' (i tried other ways of calling the path; doesn't seem to be path-related
End Sub

Another module which creates a menu for which the relevant part for this Help item is:

With oOMToolsPopup
With .Controls.Add(msoControlButton)
.Caption = "Help for OM &Tools"
.OnAction = "OpenOMHelp"
.Enabled = True
.BeginGroup = True
End With
End With

My other menu item open fine, but they are merely opening other Excel spreadhseets. But the menu displays the "Help for OM Tools" option but it is not clickable (and has a checkmark next to it).

Surely it can't be too hard to open a chm file from a menu? Can anyone point out the flaw here? I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks much,
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