many problems, please help!

hi !
i have a MEDION MD 8822 PC bought aprox. 2 months ago (from ALDI supermarket in Germany).
i have some problems with it, described in the following lines:
1) when i started the computer for the first time after buying i was not asked which language to chose (the installation ran automatically in german). i'm romanian living in Germany and i would like to have Vista in english (and in romanian, if possible). i can't chose the language, because in the appropriate register window this option doesn't exist.
2) most of the software playing media files (divx, winamp, radlight, vlan, mv2p, etc.) don't run properly (excepting Nero and windows media player). either they don't support certain formats, or at those formats supported only the sound is played (for instance quicktime and real player support
Mpeg format, but the screen is black, also winamp plays only the sound from .avi files). the graphic card i have is nvidia geforce 7650 gs.
3) my tv tuner card (creatix saa 7131 triple capture device) behaves very strangely with different software and it works only partially. i tested some software found on my computer (already installed) and other downloaded from the internet with following results:
nero capture utility - analog tv - ok, dvb-t and dvb-s - only sound running (the screen is black, but the recording is performed correctly - there are saved files on hardisk with video and sound)
cyberlink power producer - analog tv and dvb-t - only sound
AVS capture - analog tv - video without sound, dvb-t and dvb-s - sound without video
progdvb - dvb-t - ok, dvb-s - when i start the program i get 2 messages on the screen: "run bda graph error !" and "device not started {bda} 713x bda dvbs tuner !". further, if i try to run options related to dvb-s the program gets stuck almost always. i don't know whether progdvb offers support for this type of card (because in the "device list" option this card - dvbs-bda is red-crossed, but dvbt-bda is not !). anyway, i need progdvb for the plugin S2Emu (you know why !). if progdvb doesn't support this type of card, please tell me where can i find a similar software for this tv tuner card (and a similar plugin - if needed - possibly by mail).
i've also noticed that in "device manager" tv tuner is present 2 times (second time with a warning mark - i deactivated it, but the results are the same as these listed above).
4) on the upper left side on the front panel of the computer there is a button, which starts a linux media utility (power cinema), if pressed. if i do so, after bios execution an animated MEDION picture is shown
and afterwards - nothing (black screen, although the pc is still on).
5) my wireless keyboard (with the receiving station conected to 2 PS2 ports) does not work. i followed the instructions from the manual, but only the mouse works
any suggestions solving these problems will be welcomed. it might happen to come up later with results and remarks, because i dont' have acces to the internet very often.

windows vista premium, pentium e6400 dual core,2.13 GHz, 1GB RAM, 320 GB HDD
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