Game engine problems

I'm making a simple game engine class for a mario-like game. I've been having trouble with ifstream. If I put ifstream levelFile, I get errors, so I put std::ifstream levelFile. But the program quits after initializing SDL, even though I don't include gameengine.h in main.cpp. Does SDL have a problem with ifstream?

Here's my code:


#ifndef _GAMEENGINE_H_
#define _GAMEENGINE_H_



#include "sprite.h"
#include "image.h"
#include "font.h"

class level {
//// Initialize the game engine ////
bool init();

//// Load the level ////
bool loadLevel(char* filename);
char* pseudoComment(); //For the comments

virtual ~level();
//// For loading the game ////
std::ifstream levelFile; //The file handle

///// Ground ////
SDL_Rect* groundRect;
image groundSurface;

int curRect;

//// Sky ////

image skySurface;

//// Scrolling ////

int scrolling;



#include "gameengine.h"



#include "image.h"
#include "sprite.h"
#include "font.h"

bool level::init() { //Init the game enginge
curRect = 0;

bool level::loadLevel(char* filename) { //Load the level
char* action = new char[30]; //The current action
char* variableChar = new char[30]; //A variable string
int variableInt; //A variable int; //Open the file

if (!levelFile)
return false; //Oh no! Error!

while (pseudoComment()) { //Get command
if (action=="define") {
levelFile >> variableChar;
if (variableChar=="sky") {
levelFile >> variableChar;
} else if (variableChar=="ground") {
levelFile >> variableChar;
} else if (action=="createGround") {
levelFile >> variableInt;
groundRect[curRect].x = variableInt;
levelFile >> variableInt;
groundRect[curRect].y = variableInt;
levelFile >> variableInt;
groundRect[curRect].w = variableInt;
levelFile >> variableInt;
groundRect[curRect].h = variableInt;


char* level::pseudoComment() {
char* comment; //Storage for the comment

levelFile >> comment; //Is it a start of a comment?
if (comment=="#") { //Yep
int done = 1; //Is it done?
while (done) { //Loop until the end of the comment
levelFile >> comment;
if (comment=="#") //Comment is done!
levelFile >> comment;
return comment;
} else { //Nope
return comment;

Best Regards,


  • SDL should work fine with file streams. I suspect the problem lies
    in the way you are loading the file into char buffers, rather then
    the safer getline() method into an std::string.

    Why are you using char*'s in a C++ program, anyway? There are so many problems with them.
  • Also, the reason using [b]ifstream[/b] gives errors, while [b]std::ifstream[/b] works is because ifstream is part of the std namespace.

    You didnt specify what namespaces to use, hence you have to append namespace::.

    If you add [b]using namespace std;[/b] after [b]#include [/b]
    you will not need to append the [b]std::[/b]. I personally still dont recommend this for larger programs.

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