formula to calculate the free energy~any idea?

hi all.. a new beginner in c..
and im sorry to tell you all that i've been messed up with my assignment
i already ask the final year student in my university but they seems so busy and cannot co operate with me..and some of them dont know how to do..
so im thinking maybe i can get some help here~
with all the experienced programmers.

actually, we are thinking on how to calculate the free energy for the protein folded..that is the only problem we have..
any idea?
firstly, im so sorry to burden you all with my assignment,
but i do not have any choice cause the due date seems so near..

this is the question~
i'll attach you my assignment but the only question is:
1)how to calculate the free energy for the protein folded..
2)the protein will not only be folded in eenww shape, but maybe will fold in eennw or other how to search for the formula?

any idea?
plz help me
this is really important~
sorry for disturbng

lina pencilbox

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