Help in SQL

I have a slight difficult problem here using substitution variables...I have created a temporary table like as follows with data populated

Brian Hindi
Fisher English
Joseph Hindi
Melanie English
Melanie English
Joseph Spanish
Melanie English
Rich English
Rich Spanish
Rich Turkish
Brian Turkish
Brian Spanish

Now I need a query to produce the following (i.e) the user should prompt to enter the value like for instance

Input Name: Say user enter Rich

the output should display the name(s) whose language values(LANG) atleast match all the values of the name entered

(since both of them speak the same lang matching case)

How do I go about this...any idea or suggestion...please help

my code is like as follows(error comes up because something is wrong!)

Accept name char prompt Search for:
select name,lang from where name='&&name';

Could anyone please help...this is urgent!!!



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