who can solve this problem is professional in sql database

I have to stored procedures named : sp1 and sp2

sp1 return a collection of data .

I want to call sp1 inside sp2 and get it's data and work around it .

sp1 source ( something like this ) : select * from table1

sp2source ( something like this ) :

exec (sp1) ====> here i want to get data

how is that possible .

thanks alot .


  • In SQL Server 2005.

    Could you not define a temporary table in memory like

    declare @MyTempTable table (ID int NOT NULL,..... )


    use SP1 to insert data into @MyTempTable?

    like INSERT INTO @MyTempTable (ID......)

    I have used this technique to first load some data into a temp table and then run a a few queries against it.

    Tore Nestenius
    [blue][italic][b]/WEBMASTER[/b][/italic][/blue] Programmers Heaven

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