suggest a good IDE/Framework for AJAX / php development

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Hi all! I am a student yet and I am looking for a good IDE.
I am developing with php/Javascript/CSS/HTML/MySQL with Unicode.
I see that there are many framework projects for AJAX and related things but it would take much time to test them all.
I am looking for some integrated development environment which supports Unicode and has some useful features like code folding, autocomplete for most used functions and so on. Also it would be great to have a visual designer which could help me make web applications, similar to Windows application development in MS Visual Studio where I can drag elements onto a form and define event handlers.

And of course - freeware or open source.
And easy enough for a beginner (I mean - at least as easy as MS Visual Studio or Borland C++ Builder).

I am curious about Eclipse and PDT

will it be good for me?
or maybe Aptana ? or Morfik ? or AJAX JoyiStar WebShop ?
really confused.


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