thinBasic released as stable version

New thinBasic stable release is out and full of hot features.
thinBasic is a scripting engine.

We had a very successful and exciting period here. Forum participation was amazing with the best people ever. A common project entirely developed online with the effort of many users produced a nice 3D game called TopDown 3D. 3D models, source code, music and sound effects, 3D backgrounds. All was developed together. You ca see the results from those videos and get sources and game material here:

But now back to new stable thinBasic version. Where to start?
New functions on monitoring processes, powerful toy for system administrators.
Did you heard about TBDI, new module related to joystick handling? Just introduced but already feature rich.
Window regions, amazing 1 line of code to shape windows to any bitmap images.
Improved TBGL module. All thinBasic 3D scripts come from this module. New power functions and more optimized 3D engine. Mouse handling in 3D worlds will be a joy.
New unique logical operators: inside, outside, between. Many, many fix and internal Core engine tune-up.
This is the fastest thinBasic engine ever. In many cases you will not believe it is a scripting engine.

As usual, the complete list of changes can be found at:

thinBasic download page. You will found thinBasic and help files:

Support forum. A lot of post during recent weeks:

YouTube videos on some thinBasic projects. All project sources can be found in forum:

Visit us at thinBasic forum. Leave your comments, ask for improvements. We will listen to you.
thinBasic team

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