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I have a program that i can't get to work (in C#)...please help if someone can. I use Ms Visual studio, so i have the components...i only need the event code for the buttons.
The main thing is: I have 3 Listboxes(everyone;Male;Female) 2 buttons and 2 textboxes (name;sex)
If I click on the button, it reads the 2 textboxes, and gives a new item to the 'everyone' listbox (but only the name, not the sex) and when i click on the other button, it reads the items of the 'everyone' listbox and puts the selected item to one of the other 2 listboxes (depending on sex...into the male if the entry was a male, female if female)
Please if someone can write it to me, send me the source files or codes in e-mail, i need it for school studies :)
(and make it as simle as possible, we just began to learn the language)

sry for the mistakes, i don't speak english

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