Setting up and getting ready to code for a PDA.

I'm a VB6 Developer who has recently purchased Visual Studio 2005.
I've not actually developed anything in VS2005 yet.

I have an immediate need to develop software for a handheld for the first time.

My understanding is that I need to get a device with Windows Mobile v5.0. I understand there is some software somewhere that I need to add to my Visual Studio 2005 to allow me to develop and deploy to the PDA.

The PDA I'm looking at purchasing has Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 on it.

My questions:

Does Windows CE 4.2 equate to Windows Mobile v5.0?
What software do I need to download to make VS2005 capable of programming the mobile device?
As an option, should I just use something for VB6 and ignor VS2005 for now? Is this an option?

Any comments and suggests would be most welcome.
My primary goal here is to better understand what Windows Mobile v5.0 is and how it fits into Windows CE and the original development enviornment (XP Pro running Visual Basic 2005, or Visual Basic 6.0)

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