simple game code??

I need your help to write a simple game (in as the following:

Application description:

Application will randomly display 5 rows of images with 5 images per row. Initially will be statically displayed 25 image controls and will be random change only content image.
- User need to make at least 3 circle with the same color on a line (horizontally, vertical, diagonal). If the line has 4 circles automatically user has 4 more points.
- If user press on a source circle and after this select a destination circle, the colors will be changed.
- If user makes a line automatically circles from that line will be random replaced with other circles.
After 1 minute game is completing and if user makes a new high score, application is requesting his user name.
User name and high score will be written to an XML file locally.
When the user open the game, automatically it display the last high score registered load from high score xml file.

Appreciate your assistance


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