I need help with this assembly program please,

Student ID 32-bit integer
Course code 4 characters
Course grade 1 character
Account balance 32-bit signed integer

DATA structure must adhere to these rules
A. The entire data structure can only be defined with a single name.
B. Individual fields cannot be named.
C. The data structure fields are NOT defined with any initial values.

Initial value for the data.
Student ID 787345 (decimal)
Course code 053L
Course grade B
Account balance -150

Each individual field can only be accessed via its offset from the beginning of the data structure. Use direct-offset addressing and EQUs to access individual fields.

After youve filled each field, dump the memory contents of the data structure.

2.Create a string, string1, of any length. Create a second string, string2 that is the same length as string1. With these strings, do the following:

A.Fill string1 with the uppercase letters of the alphabet using indirect addressing. You cannot fill the string with hardcoded values!
B.Using the contents of string1 from the completion of part A, reverse string1 and place the reversed string into string2.
C.The only place you can hardcode the length of the strings is in the definition of variable string1. Your code, including the definition of string2, should rely on the length (determined dynamically) of string1.
D.Dump the memory contents (using DumpMem) of string1 and string2 before step A begins.
E.Upon completion of step B, dump the memory contents of string1 and string2.

3.Compute the factorial of a number you define. This number should be between 1 and 10. Specific issues to note are:

A.Perform the multiplication using the imul
B.the code should use no more than 2 registers. Remember that EAX and AX are really the same register, so EAX and AX count as one register.
C.Upon completion, dump your registers using DumpRegs.

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