Program to test my knowledge

HI, I am usually a C#/ C++/ Java programmer, but I am required to program in for a school course I am doing. I am a pretty confident programmer, and I have scanned through a couple of books, but I am really stuck for ideas for a program that will test my knowledge of to see what I need to work on, any ideas?


  • What about a basic business database program? I'm actually trying to teach myself and this is what I'm trying out:

    Program will:

    -Take transaction input
    -Create receipts
    -Store all data in a remote mySQL database

    Sounds basic, but it got complicated quick for me! :-)
    Don't be afraid to correct me if I'm wrong...nobody knows it all!! :-)
  • How to make a multi player cardgame over network?
    I'm trying to find code that allow me to make a cardgame work over internet ( client server) but do not have the knowledge/experiance to code the network part for it. The game itself I think I can mannage. What I need is a visual basic 2010 Express code snippet that deals with the sending of an array to the client who sends the same array back after recieving ( for controle of good reception ). Need the server and client code. I hope you can come up with something. Or at least push me in the right direction. If not interested then let me a small message thnx

  • Hello Cba, this is really not my expertise but I think you might be able to use part of this open source code: Pls let me know if it works

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