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I need help for a school project. We have to make an animation in When I asked my teacher how to put sound or background music in, he told me he didn't know and I should check online. The success of the idea I have for my project is based on whether or not I can put music in. Please help.

Sorry if this doesn't belong in the advanced section but I figured if my teacher didn't know then maybe it does.


    in VB 2005
    you may try this line
    good luck with your project and contact me if u need any help
  • It somewhat depends on which file formats you want to play and even the version of VB your using.

    IF your using 2005/2008, the previous reply will play wave files. If you want to play other formats like mp3, wma, including wav files then you can use the MCISendString APIs. I have a tutorial on my site that goes step by step on how to use the MCI Command Interface and I also have complete premade librarys that will play most music files using VB.NET 2002 through VB 2008. [link=]Click Here[/link] if you want to check them out. Hope this helps :)


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