Indexed property

Indexed.Yes (Duplicates OK).

In my code for remote control i wanted to remove the property Indexed of a field, but i receive the date type conversion error.How can i change these properties by code ?
At the end of the list of the properties of the field,just below Required, it is written Indexed.Yes (Duplicates OK). i want to turn it to No and i write False, but it says property is unkown. What is the exact property and the command to turn it to No ?

Below is a part of my code
Set tdf = dbs.TableDefs("customers")
Set fld = tdf.Fields("afid")
fld.Properties("Indexed") = False
Set fld = Nothing
Set tdf = Nothing
Set dbs = Nothing
Set wsp = Nothing


The Access interface is not the same as the DAO object model. I know I will have to loop through the Indexes collection of the TableDef, and loop through the Fields collection of each index to see if the field is among them.
And if so, to delete the index. Of course, it is much easier to delete the index in the Access interface,but for the time being I cannot do that, I have no access to the Access interface and i will have to send the code and beside I have about 7 users in different towns that makes the matter difficult to me.
Is it possible to help me writing out the code for that? I will be much indebted..

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