New to JSP and Blazix


I have just started to learn JSP, and downloaded Blazix onto a Windows
2000 computer. I installed the basic server and got it to run OK, and
got several of the examples in the tutorials at to work; however, I am unable to get the example at on Beans and Form processing to work. I created the necessary files in the webfiles folder, compiled the class, then moved the compiled file UserData.class to the classes folder. On typing in appropriate entries into the form in GetName.html, then clicking the submit button, I get the error message:

SaveName.jsp Line 2: Unable to load class "user.UserData" for useBean
id "user"

even after making sure the environment variables are set up correctly,
namely that

C:Blazix is in "PATH", and C:Blazixlazix.jar is in "CLASSPATH",

I continue to get this error, and would be very grateful for someone
to kindly give me some advice on this.


Christopher Sharp

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