problem in accessing SQL server directly from Pocket PC

hiiii all,

I m new in pocket PC i m using embedded Visual basic (eVB) for developing application for pocket PC. I want to access sql server directly from my pocket PC which is mobiled means there is a internet facility in my pocket PC. I created one server VB application to which i send the SQL query from my pocket PC using winsock control and that server app sends back the result to pocket PC application. This is working fine if my pocket PC is connected to cradle, but if i disconnect my pocket PC from cradle it is not working. Can anybody tell me the solution for this or any other method for accessing SQL server from my Pocket PC . I m using winsock control for this in eVB , i m trying for local database so i gave the value remotehost and remoteport as my local desktops host and port number.
I want to connect to the sql server wirelessly directly from my pocket PC . Please can anybody tell me the solution for this.

thanks in advance

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