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I am working on an assignment in which i am using XML,JAVASCRIPT and XML DOM.I have to parse an XML file which is given as input by the user. The interface has a button.The given XML file is parsed when the user clicks on the button. I have to parse that file and show the results in a drop down menu in a pop-up window.That pop-up window has a list of all the artists(in the drop down menu) which are in the XML file.This pop-up window also has a submit button.What i have to do is to select an artist from the drop down menu and click on the submit button so that the XML file can be searched again and the details of that artist that has been selected can be printed on the pop-up window.MY problem is that when i click on the button of the pop-up windom,the parent window opens on the same pop-up window instead of the artist details.

var xmlDoc;

function loadXML(loadFileName){
//load xml file
// code for IE
// code for Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, etc.

function getMessage(){
var x=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('artist');
var newWindow ="", "window","width=450,height=250")
var j=0;
newWindow.document.write("Choose Artist")

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