Visual editor open souce program/software

Hi my name is John, I need a help from you, I'm looking for an open source software that must
be the closest to this as possible:
An application to provide users with a graphical interface for the creation of
web pages. Web authoring tool developed that allows Web developers to
generate, PHP, ASP, HTML, Ajax, CMS, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, JSP, Perl/CGI,
Python, XHTML, XML, for building websites, can be combined with Flash, and
Database Options:MySQL, Oracle, SQL
(it doesn't need to work with all the languages, but the most as possible)
The designer don't need to know the code while viewing the site as they
work. Must be an enable for easy creation of sites containing graphics and
multimedia elements.

There is no chance that a person will omit a tag or create table cells that are
the wrong size because the developer works visually.
Must be able to design the programming codes visually like Dreamweaver
does, but this one must be more complete and be able to combine/work with
many programming language and not only HTML.
Instead of spending hours writing all these code tags to code a complex table, the developer can build the table, resize it, and view it exactly as it will appear on a Web page. A software program that allows anyone to create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of PHP, ASP, HTML, Ajax, CMS, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, JSP, Perl/CGI, Python, XHTML, XML.

Can you help me with this? How and where can I find this open source?

Thank you



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