"sorry really dumb" *.bat question

I have not used any command line programming since DOS 6.0. However I am tring to back up my games on dvd's about 50 of them. I am using cd menu pro 5.0 to allow more than 1 game to be on one DVD image ( bin or iso). What I am looking for is that in each menu I have say 3 buttons to install 3 games one per button. When I click one button the game will install and the clip board will have the serial copied to it. The Install part I got, but how do I write a *.bat file to copy a serial to the clipboard. Even if I need 2 buttons per game install, one for the install and one for the serial.bat file, that would be fine. I just can't get a command to write the serial. The closest I got was to have the clip command and the serial to copy "clip_1234-1234-1234-1234". I thankyou for your time on such a newbee question. Thanks in advance

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