Quest 4.0 - create your own text adventure games

Quest 4.0 is now available from

Quest lets you create text adventure games without having to program. Everything about your game is displayed in plain English, and a full tutorial is included so you can get started quickly.

Your games can come alive with pictures, sounds and music, and you can create both single-player and online multi-player games.

Although Quest is easy to use, it also allows you to create games which are as complex as you want. Scripts can make absolutely anything happen in your game, and the powerful debugging features mean you can keep track of what is happening internally.

New features in Quest:

- containers
- verbs make it easier to set up custom commands
- you can now embed pictures, sounds etc. within your game file (using Quest Compiler)
- you can use more complex mathematical expressions within statements
- numeric variables are no longer forced to be integers, so you can use decimals and much larger numbers
- new Object Debugger gives you more power when debugging your game - when you're developing your game, you can change object properties and "jump" around it while it is in progress
- "select case" (switch) support
- MP3 support
- pictures are now displayed within the main text window

To find out more, to order Quest Pro or to download a trial version, please go to

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