[For hire] PHP/SQL Developer Team

[b]Type:[/b] Contract
[b]Position:[/b] Php-mysql team
[b]Scope: [/b] A professional, experienced and stable [b]team of developers[/b] is seeking customers for long-lasting fertile cooperation and for major projects. Our developers team consists of 5 certified engineers, a Web-designer, and a User Friendly Interface Development specialist, all have Masters degree. We position ourselves as PHP Web-developers.Weve accomplished over 10 major projects and we are always ready to provide you with the project reviews in case you are interested in them.
[b]Language:[/b] PHP
[b]Databases:[/b] Oracle, MySQL, Postgress, MsSql
[b]Extra technologies and languages:[/b] PERL, C ++
[b]Operational systems:[/b] Linux, FreeBSD
[b]Location: [/b]Europe, Ukraine, Kiev
[b]Start:[/b] Immediate
[b]Rate: [/b]$15 USD/Hour
[b]Contact: [/b]Konstantin Shevchenko
[b]Email:[/b] contact@php-mysql-team.com
[b]Webpage:[/b] http://www.php-mysql-team.com
[b]Our advantages:[/b] Experience, price, team. Our projects in many fields are successfully used and they are the evidence our professional skills. We also have experience in SEO.
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