help!!! very very urgent

i want a code tat it shud show d experiment of pendulum.
thr shud be 1st screen where start option shud be thr( a clickable button)
on clicking over tat nxt page shud be opened.
in 2nd page a text box with haeding "the length of string" shud be thr. user must enter lenght in tat. with two buttons next n back
clicking on nxt (3rd)shud open a window in which a bob shud be thr hanging with a thread tied to a stand it shud in 10 min switch over to nxt window to start d experiment.
in 4th window the bob shud start oscillating and its timing shud match with dose of d resultant time tat we will b getting thru calculations. in this we will be using some presumptions tat the angle at with the bob is taken to 7degree before it is dropped. thr it shud oscillate 5 times.
den 5th window....
Plz help..


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