validation test failed and bash command not found

hi everybody,

I have successfully installed knoppix in my laptop, however, when I want to install ns2.26, some errors occurs in validation test.. It returned "Some Test failed" and it give some comands to re-run the test. I have already set the path before the validation test. When I tried to run any example from the tcl/ex, it returned "bash:command not found"..Is there any different between setting path in redhat and setting path in knoppix although I use same version of ns (ns2.26)? because I've used redhat before and change to knoppix and I've used the same format of setting up the path..Or is there any other problems?..Can anybody help me with thid problem?..I get confius wether i need to edit .bashrc file or .bash_profile? for the time being I've editted .bash_profile. Thank you in advance for your help..

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