Error: Invalid Referrer

Error: Invalid Referrer
You may not type in your user url into the browser. Please log in from the login page. If you are using the proper login page this error is likely being caused by a proxy server or firewall removing the headers from your HTTP requests. You will need to contact your network administrator.

What does this mean? Do I need to do some setting on my computer? I'm using Windows XP Pro


  • A little more information would help, such as where you are getting that error (URL?)

    That error is basically saying to you either

    a) you typed the URL into the address bar which isnt allowed
    b) theres an error somewhere and it doesnt recognise a valid referrer

    What's a referrer?
    A referrer, or referring site, is the web address of the page from which a visitor comes when they click a link on that page, and come to your site. So, if I go to Google, search for 'Failure' and hit 'I'm feeling lucky' [You should do this btw very funny], the referrer is ''.

    When you type a URL in rather than click a link there is no referrer information. Also, some firewalls block referrer information [such as Kerio Personal Firewall, from Sunbelt Software]

    Hope that helps.

    p.s. it's VERY quiet around here lately.

    p.p.s. i'm back everyone :) lost my net for ages :(

    -( Aaron )-
    "Pain doesn't hurt, if it's all you've ever felt."

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