Creating a TImage dynamically

Anybody knows how to dynamically create a TImage (type TBitmap)? I have been trying this for a long time, but failed every time. I want a workable TImage without using a TImage put on a TForm (which I always do as a workaround). Anybody an idea?

//Own scope for creating a TImage dynamically
const int width = 256;
const int height = 256;
std::auto_ptr image(new TImage(0));
image->Picture->Bitmap = (Graphics::TBitmap*) CreateCompatibleBitmap(Handle,width,height);
//image->Picture->Bitmap = (Graphics::TBitmap*) CreateBitmap(width,height,3,8,(void*)new char[width*height*3]);

assert(image->Picture != 0);
assert(image->Picture->Bitmap != 0);
assert(image->Picture->Graphic != 0);
assert(image->Picture->Graphic->Palette == 0); //Would this be it?

image->Picture->Bitmap->Width = width;
image->Picture->Bitmap->Height = height;
image->Picture->Graphic->Width = width;
image->Picture->Graphic->Height = height;
image->Width = width;
image->Height = height;
image->AutoSize = true;
for (int y=0; y!=height; ++y)
unsigned char * line=static_cast(image->Picture->Bitmap->ScanLine[y]);
for (int x=0; x!=width; ++x)
line[x*3+0]= x; //Blue
line[x*3+1]= y; //Green
line[x*3+2]= x+y; //Red
//Save the image

//Load the image


Hope anyone knows the trick!
See ya,


  • Im not sure if i understood you, but can't you do like this?

    TImage *MyImage;
    MyImage = new TImage(this);
    MyImage->Parent = Form1;
    MyImage->Left = 0;
    MyImage->Top = 0;
    MyImage->Width = 100;
    MyImage->Height = 50;
    // etc etc...

    P.S. Or was that the way you were doing as a workaround..
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