How to "remotely" control SUIPack controls?

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I'm new here and I hope, some of you could help me :).

For a few days I'm trying to control an application being not written by myself. I sometimes wondered, why some controls don't do the things they are expected to by sending them messages like TBM_setpos via WinAPI functions. So I had to figure out many workarounds to get most the progs functions working properly for me. Today I noticed that nearly all of the used controls are part of the SUIPack which may be the reason for their incompatibility to standard windows messages.

Concretely I've got problems while trying to get access to a trackbar (=Tsuitrackbar). I'd like to set it to a specific value but I've no idea how to do this as TBM_setpos is not working for it. I think I may have to use some other functions instead of sendmessage/postmessage or even another API but where to get it from?

I really don't see the light and hope, someone can help :)

Thank you. Best regards,

EDIT: Im Using VB6 but nevertheless I think this a general question.

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