Problem when appending two xml

In my program i am taking two xml document by this...

DocumentBuilderFactory domFactoryRead = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
DocumentBuilder domBuilderRead = domFactoryRead.newDocumentBuilder();
doc = domBuilderRead.parse(firstDoc);
Element rootElement = doc.getDocumentElement();

same for other also..

then taking the nodes of first doc in a vectorlist and appending in the other document as per the logic.
The first xml contain one script tag like..

The problem is ..after appending that two document ..
tag is cooming with out closing autometically
same for image also..
may be the META is comming for script tag ...but wby the image does't get the end tag???? in the xml image is under .
and in the original xml nowrap was like that or as per the xsl sheet ..but in the final xml which is the addition of the two xml tag is comming like this.....with out any value.

The input two xml are perfect but the output is not..
can any body help me to solve this problem..

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