CHECKBOX onclick submission

Hi. I have a small question to ask:

I am using struts with the Jsp page, and I am using the struts' HTML library.

So, having the following code:

Instead of SOMETHING at the onclick attribute I have a javascript that submits the form. However, I ran into this trouble.
When the check box is not checked initially, the form gets subitted fine, the check box gets checked and everything that has to happen happens.
However, when the check box is initially checked and want to uncheck it, and on this unchecking I want the form to get submitted with the knowledge that a checkbox was cleared, THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN.
I found out that this is a common web problem - not just a JSP or struts'. I also heard that there is some way to mitigate this by using some kind form's reset() method of the Struts API, or something .. I am not clear on what it is and how to go about this. I'll greatly appreciate the help in this matter.

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