Bypass "New Connection Wizard" Help !!!

Hello there..

Actually this is my first time join with this website..
I got a problem in delphi programming, and my friends suggest me to ask or find the answer in by asking to you guys

Recently i try to make an automatic dialler programme that can be used to connect to the internet with only one single click button

this the programme's description :
- this programme can help an ordinary / beginner internet user to make connection without troubled with the mechanisme to make a new connection (dial up or vpn)
- when the connect button clicked the programme creates a new connection, take the paramater (from file setting that contains the information of making new connection, including network type,ISP name,ISP phone number,connect avalibility, internet account including username and password) to make a new connection
- then the programme dial the connection, n connect to internet

The problems are :
- I haven't found a way of how to make script to bypass the mechanisme of creating new connection, so i hope that the mechanisme of creating new connection can be established in background programme

So far my programme only can dial the ISP just like a dialler programme, which only recognizes the existing internet connection from ISP but it can't create a new connection

I really hope that you all can help me finding the sollution
thank you

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