Can any help with JLabel

I need to use JLabel in my progeram auction as iam having a window for item discrption need to make discrption for the item with out any image but having problem to make the discrption wirting as i need it as iam using in center of the window what the item they biding on then i need on the left down on the have discrption like let say brand then under that model then under that another thing and so on any one can help me i be greatful thanks lot.


  • I didn't much understand what you need, but ... if you need a JLabel that dynamically takes text of image, I would use a delagate model.
    the logic is approximately such:

    Have a object that inherits from class JLabel.
    Add the method update to it, or something like that.
    Then in your main application when your window has to show something in that JLabel, that Update() method can be called and inside itself it will change the text (image) of the label.
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