ASP or HTML or Scripting Issue?

Hi, I am trying to click a date from a pop-up calendar and populate it onto a text box on my (vs 1.1) page.

Here is my error message:

Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'window.opener.Form.tbGradDate' is null or not an object

Now let me fill you in on what I'm doing that might be causing this:

When the page is loaded the 1st time, the field is not being shown because I'm using scripting inside of the html.

<% if (addmode = "Y") then %>

Anticipated Graduation Date:Select with a Calendar Control 

<% end if %>

Once the user selects "add mode" then several fields show up such as the one above. At that time when I use the calendar, it will throw the message above.

Now, this is the same code that I used before I had the script inside of the html preventing it from running on initial page load and it would work okay then.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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