how to get result of query in a string


I need to create a public string function in c# that returns the result of a query in a string, so far I have this:

DBConnection connection = new DBConnection();
DBDataReader reader = new DBDataReader();
Reader.SelectCommand = new DBCommand("select count (*) from courses where CTP_ID = 'Biannual Update Courses'", connection);
Reader.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add("@CTP_ID", BoostApplication.CurrentUser);

DBDataReader reader = DBCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection);
while (reader.Read())
modules = result of query; ????


catch(Exception ex)
modules = ex.Message;

I know this code is wrong...can somebody show me where im going wrong or give me an alternative...many thanks in advance.

btw the query returns a single number as a result.
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