Qt programming(sqlite)

Hello Linux friend

we are using Qt3.3.4 for my database application,using sqlite on debian platform.we are using libsqlite3:2.1-1 (sqlite lib for debian)and libqt3c102-mt-sqlite3:3.3.34-3(sqlite support lib for qt3).we have included the source code with this mail,when complied it is absolte ok,
when executing it show a error message like "data base file not found or encrypted),we have included the database file with the project.

int main( int argc, char ** argv )
QApplication a( argc, argv );
//QApplication::addLibraryPath ( "/home/sujith/driver/sqlite-3.3.8.so" );
QSqlDatabase *db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase( "QSQLITE" ); //qsqul database driver
db->setDatabaseName("dat.db" );
db->setHostName( "" );
if( !db->open() ){
db->lastError().showMessage( "An error occured. Please read the README file in the sqltable"
"dir for more information.

" );
return 1;

db->lastError().showMessage( " ok:");

return a.exec();

could u find a solution for this

thank u

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