Net Jipsy

Hello Friends,

I have designed a complete web-browser in Java.
I have called my browser Net-Jipsy, because gypsy
is a person who wanders from place to place. Net-Jipsy
helps you to explore the world of the Internet.

NetJipsy has been entirely written in the Java. The source code is open to everyone. We would welcome any improvements or suggestions.

NetJipsy was developed by a team of three students, Chheda Milan, Gandhi Shivani led by me, Quasar Chunawalla, students of Vidyavardhini's College of Engineering, Vasai, Thane. It was developed as a part of our summer project. It involves use of very simple coding, so that even a lay-person can understand and customize it.

I felt that NetJipsy should be made freely available to everyone. Since it is a student's project, I would like all of you to make any valuable contributions.

Features of NetJipsy
- Can access any website on the Internet.
- Can Browse through the Hyperlinks on any Web-page.
- Can Open and Read any page in .html .htm .rtf .txt .doc
- Can Save any Page on the Internet in .html format.
- Can cut, copy and paste contents of the web-page
- Can browse last accessed page using Back and Forward Buttons
- Features Bookmark manager which can be used to remember frequently browsed pages
- Features History which displays records of all pages browsed
- Features Favourites which can be used to access Hot Favourite Pages.
- Parses HTML as well as CSS documents.

Net-Jipsy source code is available for download
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