Need advice on ezine site

I want to start an ezine site where people can submit articles that others can later read. I'm trying to decide on a strategy for storing the body of the text itself. I'll have an Access database record for each article with fields for such data as author, category, description, keywords, article number, etc. I want to have a seperate static HTML page for each article with description, title, keywords, etc. for SEO purposes. This page will contain the article in it's entirety and will be built from the various fields from the form submitted.

I want the author to have the ability to edit his/her article and that would be a lot easier if the text of the article was in a field in the DB but I hate to have to store it in two places (DB and HTML page). If I only store it in the DB and use a dynamic page built on the fly I won't have the SEO advantage of a static page. Is that right?

How should this be done? Can someone point me in the right direction or to an article that discusses something like this?

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