HL2 Perfect Dark Source looking for coders

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Hi, I'm the main coder for perfect dark source, I am looking for a programmer interested on helping on the mod's development. Development is done on Visual Studio 2003 (C++), or LUA if you are willing to include support for it :)

The mod is going to go beta soon, here's the
- video: http://mods.moddb.com/5882/perfect-dark-source/downloads/
- website: www.pdark-mod.com

Anyone interested there's open room for any area you may want to take, GUI, entities, graphics (shaders), AI, data services (stats data gathering and link to web/database), Linux server files maintenance, etc.

I don't bite! I would greatly appreciate your help.
Oh, try to contact on the mod's forums please, I am 'qgpr' there.

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