c program that detect data dependency

If any one would guide me on how to write a program that input is a set of Instruction for example

I1 :: L.D F4,0(R2)
I2 :: L.D F6,0(R3)
I3 :: MUL.D F8,F4,F0
I4 :: MUL.D F10,F6,F2
I5 :: ADD.D F12,F8,F10
I6 :: DADDUI R2,R2,8
I7 :: DADDUI R3,R3,8
I8 :: DSUBU R45,R4,R2

then the program should detect data dependency, which in this case has a data dependency on F4 between I1 and I3 and the type is mem-ex.

I know how to do it by hand, but please help me on implement a c program !!!
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