VMware Is Looking for Great SCM Engineers! (Palo Alto, Ca.)

VMware Is Looking for Great SCM Engineers To Support Our Internal And Build Infrastructure!

VMware, the industry leader in high-performance, enterprise-class x86 virtualization technology, is looking for an organized and detail-oriented engineer to play a critical role in implementing and supporting our internal development & build infrastructure. This engineer will be expected to gain a broad familiarity with our entire codebase and be responsible for code integration and merging.

They will be directly embedded with the rest of the development team, working directly with the Engineers, and work closely with other developers and QA to ensure that we have the tools, processes and execution necessary to deliver a world-class product with maximum quality and efficiency.


- Prior experience in a build, integration, QA automation, and/or merge engineer role
-Manual Merge Experience a must
- Experience with Perforce ( a must) or other SCMS)
- Experience with common build engines (GNU make and SCons a big plus)
- Strong knowledge and experience with shell, perl and/or python scripting languages

- Solid Linux/Unix familiarity a must
- Solid familiarity with C/C++ code a must
- Strong debugging skills desirable
- Some web development ability preferred (HTML, Javascript, PHP, JSP, CSS, etc)
- Excellent communication skills
- Extremely strong attention to detail
- BS in Computer Science or Equivalent and 2+ years experience


- Help ensure the development organization has the tools and processes necessary to achieve peak performance
- Perform the code integration and merge process between multiple source code branches
- Collaborate with development and QA organizations to ensure integrated code is fully functional and stable
- Develop automation to streamline the merge process and enhance build infrastructure
- Implement, deploy, organize and manage new tools as our development needs evolve
- Assist in the design and development of our large scale, distributed, production-grade build system.

Interested parties can send resumes to:

Scott Bradley


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