Javascript and ASP .Net


I am printing a page using a javascript function. Basically the flow is as follows.
The user clicks a 'Print Friendly' link and the page renders in an invisibile iframe the data in the form something like this:
MyHTMLController.Attritibutes("src")="Template.htm". The javacript is render on page load so that it pops open a print dialog box and the user never sees that it actually loads a new window and such.

My problem is that I want to formatt it. I have 5 tables in my form, call them tb1 -tb5.
i want the formatt to be like so:
if page is one size

if page is multiple sizes
repeat the above format except remove table 3 and 2

I don't understand how to make my javascript count the rows in the table
and if there the count exceeds the page limit size insert a page break into hy .htm template and then add the header(table one) and then continue adding the rows in the table.

Any help would be appreciated.

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