Localizing DataGrid


does anyone know why a dataGrid does not act like all other controls for localization, InitializeComponents() doesnt load strings from resources!

Is there any way to adjust that??
The Grid Im using doesnt contain any data, the columns have captions.
All the values are loaded by methode:

// get XmlWalldefinitions and fill Grid
BeaverDll.Common.stringCollection Types = new BeaverDll.Common.stringCollection();

BeaverDll.Common.stringCollection Names = this.mPlugInHRB.HRBDefaultVals.AllXmlWallNamesAndTypes( ref Types );
// List of XmlWallNames into Grid

if( Names != null && Names.Count > 0 )
// empty Grid

int cnt = 0;
foreach( string str in Names )
System.Data.DataRow Row = dataTableNames.NewRow();
string t = HRBDefaults.DefaultHRBValues.WallOutSide_InSideToString( Types[ cnt ], mPlugInHRB );
Row[dataColumnName] = str; // column f. Wall-Names
Row[dataColumnOutSide] = t; // column f. description

dataGridWalls.CurrentRowIndex = 0;

// set read only back to true, suppress editing
dataGridWalls.ReadOnly = true;
return true;

After localizing captions in resources the grid doesnt show anything any more, the selection still works though. There is a 3D-Preview on the form that displays the current selection as model.

I have tried to set column headers again after InitializeComponents(), the same effect as with localized strings happens. Nothing to read in grid, but selection still works.

What can I Do?
Im glad for any information

thanks c.
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