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I am a newbie to mySQL...I am thinking of a project a old project basically done on file processing systems(the old type database project way). I am planning to move all the contents into mySQL...The problem is that most of the data contents were in Excel using macros programming for insertion and deletion of records..... I need to move the whole stuff into mySQL...Is there any conversion shortcut from Excel VBA macros to mySQL or I will have to start from scratch?.....



  • In excel file, you can choose SAVE AS >>> then choose file type name as "text (TAB delimited )" or CSV comma delimited, then choose save.

    In database query, when you want to creat a table as in excel file, you can use LOAD DATA INFILE as example:

    LOAD DATA INFILE 'string_file_path_here'
    INTO TABLE table_name
    FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ## would be tab value if you save file as TAB

    you can see more about this query in Mysql web sites

    Good luck
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