time accuracy

I have this program to chk time, but the accuracy is 2 sec.
I want to chk less than 1 sec
pls help , thanks


int main(void)
FILE *stream;
std::ftime ft;
int h,m,s,ms;
if ((stream = fopen("TEST.$$$","wt")) == NULL)
{ fprintf(stderr, "Cannot open output file.
"); return 1; }
getftime(fileno(stream), &ft);
h=ft.ft_hour; m=ft.ft_min; s=ft.ft_tsec;
printf("File time: %u:%u:%u
printf("File date: %u/%u/%u
ft.ft_month, ft.ft_day,ft.ft_year+1980);
cout << "

Press any key to continue";
getch(); // wait for key pressure
return 0;


  • What does this C program have to do with C++ Builder? I guess nothing, so please post it on the C/C++ Board!

    See ya there,

  • dears
    I have c++ builder 6 from Borland
    I took this program from help examples
    I want to add it to my big program but I need more accuracy to measure time (by less than 2 sec).
    do you have any suggestion
    thanks a lot
  • Sure, your programming environment might be C++ Builder, but all the functions you use are plain C++. You can recognize C++ Builder code from stuff like 'TForm', 'TButton', ,#include , the abscence of '#include , etc..

    In plain C++ you can check http://www.codepedia.com/1/CppTimeH
    In C++ Builder, you might want to stick to the TTimer component.

    See ya,

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