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I am not a programmer and would appreciate very much your comments, advices or opinions on following.

I am strongly considering starting new business - opening a fully online travel agency. An idea is to sell holiday and vacations only via the internet, without having any brick&mortar sales offices. Clients choose holiday from online catalog and pay for it also online. For example like Ofcourse, that is an example of excellent site, those guys probably have gone long way to get there where they are now...

Anyhow, while I am planning and solving business and organisational issues connected with this idea, I stayed stuffed before task that is probably most difficult for me - the software system of the site.I have some previous experiences with ecommerce, sale via the internet and with online marketing. However, this seems to be too big for me to solve it just myself. I suppose that it needs to be a robust software to manage such a number of holidays from different agencies, resorts, hotels, dates, destinations, departures, etc.

I hoped that I find some open source project solving that and then I hire some freelancer or small company to customize it. But I was not able to find anything like that.
Then I thought it could be developed as a component for Joomla or Mambo, but I am not sure if it is even possible.

There is still that possibility of having it developed all by somebody from the very begining. I wonder what it would cost - if it was 1 000, 5 000, 10 000, or even more dollars....

Any ideas or advices please? I will appreciate very much any comments that will guide me to the right direction to find solution for my problem...
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