question about MIDI - sorry

sorry, I know this is the MP3 board, but the sound board seems absolutely dead and at least people who have an interest in sound will be here.

ok, I'm trying to write a program that can send out midi data, and maybe later take it in as well.

thru pure trial and error I found that writing to port [Midiport]+3 sends out midi data. I also know the midi codes I want to be sending; the only problem is it would seem the correct data is not being sent.

does the sound card handle sending the midi data out at the correct rate or should my program?

I edited my program so it would and it still didnt work.

I'm just trying to get the device the midi data is being sent to to play a note.

also, when I send loads of random data to the port, the device does play random notes.

does anyone have any idea about the correct way to use MIDI hardware

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