Database tables and problems linking them


I am trying to make a program that keeps track of varying information about different people. My db is set up with 3 tables:

1) Owner; field name: Owner*.
2) DNRNumber; field names: DNR Number*, Owner, Farmer, Field Number, Acres.
3) Site; field names: Record Number* (autonumber), Site number, Field number, Crop, Owner, Date.

*=Primary Key

First, the owner is created, from there, the DNR Number(s) assigned, and finally the Site number(s).

On the first form, I have been able to add names to the database, and to cycle through them. When I try to add information on the DNR Number form, nothing gets added. Here is what I have been trying to do: datOwner pulls the owner from the database; RecordSource: Owner. The rest of the info I have linked to datDNR, RecordSource: DNRNumber.

As you probably know, this doesn't work. Why?

I get similar results when I link to an ADODC. Are the tables set up incorrectly? What am I doing wrong?

-Using VB 6 Pro/XP Pro
-Never programmed before this

Any help will be greately appreciated!
Thank you so much

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