Conversion of RS232 serial data from Fire Alarm to MODBUS

I have a project which i need to capture serial data using RS232 from
fire alarms which the fire alarms have different status like RESET,
Technical Alarm, Fire or POWER FAILURE, for eg RESET is 60H followed by
3 hexadecimal bytes.

My task is to map all the different fire alarm serial data to MODBUS
addresses using Visual Basic VB.
The information i'm given is each serial data is to be mapped to MODBUS
addresses like 30000.1. I'm clueless about this. I have read through
MODBUS document but what in it is just things like data format,
MODBUS/RTU, parity, CRC and other things which i find not directly
relevant to my task.

Since i'm a newbie, can anyone give me some clues what it's all about?
Or any technical resources which i can read?
Or, some sample codes which anyone is kind enough to send to my email

Any help is appreciated.

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