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i have what i hope is a really basic question. erm i have basic skills in visual basic editor. and i need to be able to enter the row i want cells to be copied from then i would like the program to highlight a selection of cells so say A1:C1 and G1:H1 so that they are in a position to be pasted into a different work book

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Label1.Caption = "A" & TextBox1.Text
Label2.Caption = "C" & TextBox1.Text
Label3.Caption = "G" & TextBox1.Text
Label4.Caption = "H" & TextBox1.Text
Range(Label1.Caption:Label2.Caption, label3.caption:label4.Caption).Select

End Sub

something like this only not this cos it doesnt work :p:

thanx a lot
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