new for c-old programmer

I downloaded c++ builder 6 from borland , also some cpp examples
i put this program in a new unit:

int main(void)
int number = -1234;

printf("number: %d absolute value: %d
", number, abs(number));
return 0;
then when I run it , he opened another one named " dockex.cpp"
so I deleted it and wrote my program inside so he gave linker error
I want to run a simple program
pls help


  • See Here you can find numerous installation, compiling, linking and runtime errors.

    My first guess is that you though you'd get a console application by just removing the code you saw, and paste your code there. This will give a linker error. See the tutorial how to do it, or check out the Hello World pages.

    Good luck and see ya later,

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