JavaScript + Delphi Help!

Hello there,

I wasn't sure where to post this as it deals with Javascript as well as
Delphi.So felt that this was the safest bet. OK, this may sound like a
Strange request, so bear with me while I try and explain.

I have made a program that allows our users to generate HTML code and I
haveA server built using pure Delphi (thanks to the RTC SDK component set). Now Certain parts of the HTML need to hidden away from the "average" user letsSay. I am aware nothing is 100% secure. Anyway I have found a JavascriptSite that will allow me to encode the HTML and then be spit out using Javascript uuencoded.

What I would like to know is, can I get a Delphi function that will do
the Same for me?If I enter HTML (in either string or TString) it will output the exact same Uunencoded and coded format that the Javascript does ? Here is the link to The Javascript page

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.....................

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